Vision, Mission and Policies


We will increase the satisfaction of our customers and employees with our innovative perspective that ensure continuous development, and our service understanding focused on producing right solutions and provide satisfaction.



CAMYAPI aims to increase its competitiveness by using its R&D and investment power and to be one of the most important players of the global market by providing fast, high quality and perfect service to the needs of the industry.


Quality Policy

Our company, which provides services in construction industry for area of exterior facade glass and design of interior spaces and decoration adopts an approach to renew itself continuously and to perceive quality expectations of its customers in Turkish market and global market by providing novelty products and to develop its products and processes in continuous manner; and ;


  • It develops its employees with a human-centered approach and adopts the corporate culture that takes into account the quality consciousness and questioning perspective in every activity.
  • It aims to continuously improve the quality and efficiency of its products and processes by continuously following up and applying technological developments.
  • It fulfills the requirements of its social responsibilities and carries out its production in a way that supports the use of sustainable natural resources.
  • It aims to continuously improve and enhance its quality management system in order to fully comply with national and international standards and customer requirements.
  • It acts in accordance with the principles of honesty, respect and reliability in its relations with all its stakeholders.
  • It adopts a risk-based approach in the management of all processes and the approach of reducing risks or eliminating them at the source.
  • Together with its experienced team, it works with all its strength to become an exemplary organization in the construction industry.


Environmental Policy

  • To provide continuous improvement and enhancement by fulfilling all legal requirements and customer requirements related to environmental considerations.
  • To provide protection of natural resources by using appropriate technologies that are least harmful to the environment in line with technical and economic possibilities and by using appropriate technologies and reducing the use of raw materials.
  • To improve our environmental management system for the continuous improvement of our environmental performance,
  • To raise awareness of all our employees and subcontractors about our responsibilities to the environment and to ensure their involvement,
  • To be in constant communication with suppliers and customers in order to improve the environmental impact of products,
  • To consider the recycling and re-evaluation alternatives by reducing the amount of waste that may occur as a result of production, transportation, stocking, operation, treatment and maintenance activities,
  • Reducing the emergency risks that may occur within the framework of Occupational Health and Safety rules and to establish the integrity of health, safety and environment.


HR Policy

Our Human Resources Strategies are set up to support CAMYAPI's vision, mission and business strategies. It is aimed to improve the existing processes, develop new processes and implement them more effectively. We believe that success will be achieved with people. We take advantage of our employees' creativity, innovation and new ideas from different perspectives.


Principles and Beliefs:

  • We treat everyone with solemnity and respect.
  • We are open to different opinions and suggestions.
  • We offer development opportunities to maximize employee performance.
  • We approach everyone with honestly and equally.
  • It is our obligation to provide a healthy and reliable work environment.
  • We act with responsibility consciousness.
  • We exhibit exemplary behaviors to society through social responsibility, social sensitivity and environmental consciousness.
  • We adopt a transparent and honest management approach.


Employee Profile: 

  • Open for change and development,
  • Customer oriented,
  • Believing in teamwork and team play,
  • Aiming to reach the truth,
  • Loving his/her job and participating,
  • Believing in strategy, goals and objectives,
  • Using natural resources efficiently and have high environmental awareness,
  • Exhibiting exemplary behaviors to society and have high social responsibility sensitivity,
  • Abiding by ethical values and laws,


HSE Policy

  • To minimize health and safety risks that may arise in the working environment by analyzing them.
  • To organize training activities for the establishment and development of Occupational Health and Safety awareness.
  • To increase our efficiency by taking necessary measures by adopting zero occupational accidents and zero occupational diseases.
  • To struggle with our all strength to be an exemplary organization under our leadership in respect of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment globally by managing our activities in all these areas together with Quality and Environmental Management Systems in an integrated manner.